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Building a Powerful Personal Brand

Secrets to developing a strong reputation that supports personal and professional success

Every successful professional has a personal brand that tells the world what to expect of them. In this presentation, Monica provides the tools for developing a winning mindset, building self-discipline, developing strong relationships, and presenting yourself according to your desired professional reputation.

Book this keynote to learn how to stand out from the crowd and sell yourself the right way!

Walk Away With:
  1. Your own personal brand statement
  2. Strategies for selling yourself to your clients and employer
  3. Tips for thinking and behaving like a winner
Ideal for:
  1. High performers who want to up their game
  2. Entrepreneurs and business owners
  3. Professionals who struggle with low confidence or low self-awareness

Leading with Intention and Emotional Intelligence

How to build the leadership skills you need to engage, develop, and retain top talent

Every successful leader must develop emotional intelligence in order to inspire confidence, communicate effectively, and collaborate with others in the workplace. In this presentation, Monica shares strategies for getting the most out of your team while achieving your own personal and leadership goals.

Book this keynote to learn how to understand yourself and your people in a whole new way.

Walk Away With:
  1. Increased self-awareness
  2. Strategies for developing resilience and adaptability
  3. Tools for engaging and retaining talent
Ideal for:
  1. Leaders, managers, and HR professionals who want to invest in their employees and build a culture of excellence
  2. Professionals who want to move into a leadership position within the next five years
  3. Companies seeking a performance boost, starting at the top

How Latinos Can Empower One Another in the Workplace

Empowering Latinos to invest in themselves and grow as a community

To succeed in business, Latinos must learn how to empower one another in the workplace in a way that supports their values and cultural strengths. To do this, they must first invest in their own personal development so they can be put in positions of power and influence. In this presentation, Monica provides the tools for Latinos to build their brand, present themselves with greater confidence, and develop a more strategic approach to career success. This keynote also provides strategies for promoting allyship in the workplace and working with leadership to promote the advancement of Latino professionals.

Book this keynote to inspire, educate, and move Latinos forward in your organization

Walk Away With:
  1. Strategies for using cultural strengths to build a strong personal brand
  2. Tools for playing the game of office politics
  3. Tangible ways to support Latino colleagues to promote their visibility and success within the workplace
Ideal for:
  1. Latino Resource groups
  2. Human resource professionals who want to elevate the Latino voice
  3. Event planners in charge of Latino conferences and events

Building Resilience and Removing Fear

Get out of your own way and live your best life!

Fear is one of the most powerful barriers to personal and professional success. It keeps us stuck and prevents us from taking advantage of opportunities that we deserve. In this presentation, Monica shares strategies for developing resilience and unleashing our true potential.

Book this keynote to inspire greatness and send a message of empowerment!

Walk Away With:
  1. Tools for developing a growth mindset
  2. Strategies for developing a strong social network
  3. Ways to improve problem-solving skills during times of crisis
Ideal for:
  1. Employee resource groups
  2. Empowerment events and conferences
  3. High school and college students

Imposter Syndrome:

How Women Can Own Their Greatnesss

Putting an end to self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy

Imposter syndrome has made its way into the hearts and minds of many women in corporate America. The self-doubt and insecurities that come from feeling like a "fraud" can be debilitating, resulting in depression, anxiety, or negative self-talk. In this presentation, Monica helps women develop a more positive, realistic sense of their value in order to lessen the impact imposter syndrome has on their lives and their work.

Book this keynote to uplift women so they can celebrate their success and advance in their careers

Walk Away With:
  1. Strategies for understanding imposter syndrome and its effects
  2. Tools and techniques for coping with imposter syndrome to feel more successful
  3. Ways to improve confidence and challenge negative self-talk
Ideal for:
  1. Women's resource groups
  2. Women's empowerment events
  3. Female professional associations and organizations
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