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- Kim Wells, Howard School of Business, Executive Director
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Successful people use coaches to help them achieve their goals faster than they would on your own. Coaching keeps you accountable!
"Monica has helped me believe in and invest in myself immensely. Because of our work together, I am highly focused- taking action with purpose and not afraid to push forward into the unknown."
- Denise Davis, Financial Consultant
"I came to Monica for help with engaging my team and building my leadership skills and I'm so glad I did. Our sessions provided the tools and strategies I needed to motivate my employees and enhance their performance. Monica is brutally honest and I love it!
- Jose Ramirez, Senior Director

Expert Coaching Categories

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  • Strategic Thinking
  • Executive Presence
  • Conflict Management
  • Influence
  • Communication skills
  • Building and Leading High Performing Teams
  • Effectiveness
  • Change Leadership
  • Leadership Development
  • Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal
  • Strategic Prioritization, Delegation and Decision Making
  • Coaching Skills
  • Group Facilitation and Dynamics
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