Development Workshops
Professional Excellence 101
Learn the secrets to professional success! This workshop examines those factors that lead to promotions, raises, and job stability in the work place. Based on Monica Guzman’s “Wheel of Excellence” model, this presentation will provide an understanding of how presentation, attitude, behavior, and affiliation lead to professional success. Topics covered include professional branding, the power of positive thinking, writing professional emails, and establishing strong relationships. Come learn how to play the game of office politics and win your dream career.
Excellence in Leadership
This workshop is designed for entry level professionals aspiring to move up the corporate ladder. Participants will learn how to use the value of excellence to obtain the high level position they want. They will learn how to build their brand, put together a winning team, and achieve outcomes that promote a strong bottom line. Students will walk away with new techniques for working with difficult employees and retaining top talent. Come learn how to influence change and discover the difference between a Manager and a Leader!
Build Your Brand and Your Business
This workshop is designed for small business owners who want to develop a strong brand for themselves and their business. Participants will learn how mastering such areas as presentation, attitude, performance, and relationships can influence sales and increase profit margins. Based on the “Wheel of Excellence” model, this approach to brand development will ensure that your target audience understands who you are and what you’re about. Business owners will learn how to develop a social media marketing strategy and improve public speaking skills to build confidence and overall presentation. Build your confidence and learn how to present yourself to the world in a way that grabs your customer’s attention!
Customer service 101
Your customers are your biggest investors! In order to achieve success, your business must provide optimal customer service every day of the year. This workshop offers a fresh perspective on how to communicate effectively with both your customers and team members. Through the use of multimedia platforms and role plays, participants will develop techniques for engaging clients from the initial point of contact all the way to the closing of a contract. Additional topics include effective email communication, conflict resolution, and mastering the art of nonverbal cues. Get ready to laugh, learn, and enjoy a day of getting to know yourself and your customers in a whole new way!
Office Politics 101
Office politics is an inevitable part of the employee experience. Though frustrating at times, mastering this phenomenon can help you develop strong relationships and move up the corporate ladder. Participants will learn how to become a winner in the game of office politics while still staying true to their professional brand. • Learn to identify and work with 5 types of workplace personalities • Develop new strategies for responding to office gossip. • Gain insight on how to identify and work with key players in your workplace. • Learn the do's and dont's of business etiquette.
Secrets to a Successful Transition from Colleague to Supervisor
This workshop is designed to prepare new and future leaders for a successful transition into their new role. Participants will learn how to manage new relationships, develop a professional brand, and create a work-life balance. Key topics also include: effective communication strategies, conflict management, time management, leadership strategies, and professional documentation. Participants will also learn how to build their professional brand and navigate through the world of office politics.
Stress Management for the Workplace
This workshop offers techniques and ideas for decreasing stress and avoiding burnout in the workplace. Students will learn relaxation techniques and participate in activities which serve to increase self-awareness. They will learn to identify the body’s warning signals for stress and develop strategies for time management. Specific attention will be given to creating a work life balance and developing positive professional and personal relationships. A list of resources will be provided to supplement the material presented.
Board Development 101
This workshop is designed for board of directors, executive directors, and senior staff who want to gain a better understanding of board governance. Participants will learn about board composition and recruitment, committees and task forces, and board assessment. Come learn how to create bylaws, design a board orientation packet, and run effective board meetings. This seminar also provides an in depth look at maximizing relationships between Board Chairs and CEO’s/Executive Directors.
Employee Engagement and Retention
Your employees are your biggest investors! Success in business requires that you hire and retain the best talent out there. Based on the “Employee Engagement Model of Excellence” this workshop will provide the tools for keeping employees engaged from the initial interview and throughout their tenure. Participants will learn how to supervise staff according to their motivational style with a focus on productivity and bottom line results. Come learn new ways to inspire your team and retain top talent!
Building a Powerful Team
The success of any company relies heavily on a manager’s ability to form strong teams. When groups of people work together effectively to reach a common vision bottom lines are met and production is high. This course is designed to help professionals at all levels recruit, nurture, and retain top talent. Participants will learn how to establish a model for success in their department and supervise team members according to their motivational style.

Through the use of multimedia platforms and role plays, attendees will develop skills necessary to turn their employees into team members. They will participate in activities for self-awareness and identify brand new ways to inspire excellence in others. Whether you want to redesign your team, get your employees to increase production, or simply want to understand group dynamics this is the course for you!