what our clients are saying
As advertised, an amazing coach . . .
It is my honor to write a recommendation for Ms. Monica Guzman. Monica is an Executive Coach and Consultant that I followed for a period on social media, and finally decided to reach out, and discovered, Yes, AS ADVERTISED Monica is an amazing coach, and I believe an emerging national figure in the world of organizational performance. We offered Monica an opportunity to join our Executive Instruction Faculty at the Howard School of Business and she crushed her first class in our Global Executive Leadership program. There are many out there today that claim to be executive coaches and consultants, but we at the Howard School of Business know what executive excellence looks like, and only align ourselves with the very best coaches and leaders. I recommend Monica to any executive or organization that desires real strategic and behavior change, and want to work with a great professional and human being.
-Kim Wells, Executive Director, Howard School of Business Executive Education & Center for Career Excellence, Master Cert. Coach
“Yes, as advertised, Monica is an amazing coach, and an emerging national figure . . .”
Direct . . .   Motivating . . .   Raw and empowering
I have to say the message Monica shared was Direct...Motivating....Raw and overall empowering. There were times during her keynote where jaws dropped because of the impact and truth of her words. Our youth were appreciative and grateful for her honesty and leadership.
-Rosy Briones Arroyo, Human Services Planner at Community Planning and Advocacy Council (CPAC)
“Direct . . .
Motivating . . .
Raw and
Performance and a bar of employee excellence
Monica has focused and enhanced CFC’s board performance and set a bar of organizational and employee excellence-all of which has improved our capacity. We look first to Monica to help us solve some of our toughest growth challenges.”
-Evan Kaplan, Executive Director
(Child and Family Connections)
“We look first to Monica to help us solve . . .”
We are a stronger, more efficient team
“Ms. Guzman’s vision, experience, insight, and excellence in all she does helped me determine my team’s needs. Since she conducted her workshop, I can say without hesitation that we are a stronger, more efficient, team. Every day we strengthen our agency and our personal brands and let our excellence shine in all we do!”
-Kristin Colangelo,
Director Resources for Human Development
“vision, experience, insight, and excellence . . .”
Helped building self-discipline
“Monica’s workshop was revitalizing! Most valuable was how she reminded me about building my brand, although I may not know where I want to be in 10 years. Monica helped to set me back on track to always be building myself and have self-discipline. No excuse!”
-ANONYMOUS workshop participant
“Monica's workshop was revitalizing!”
Pulling out all the stops to make a better you!
“Monica has a "knack" for getting in there and pulling out all the stops to make a better you! I am very grateful for her professional support. It has boosted my confidence and I am more motivated than ever to enhance my brand. Her sessions and exercises are very helpful in preparing me for my career path. Simply put- It is Excellence at its best!"
-Makisa Mackey, Executive Assistant
“It has boosted my confidence and I am more motivated than ever to enhance my brand.”