by Monica Guzman

Executive Coaching

In order for a corporation to be successful it must support employees who are dedicated to its’ mission. When staff feel supported they invest in their employer and produce results. This process can be disrupted as a result of poor leadership, ineffective communication, conflict, and so much more. Executive coaching offers new and existing programs the opportunity to “start fresh” by addressing barriers to programmatic, operational, and fiscal achievement.

Coaching services focus on development in the following areas:
➢ Leadership development
➢ Strategic Planning
➢ Board Development
➢ Program Design
➢ Team building
➢ Program start up
Monica Guzman
Clients can expect powerful results with marked differences in goal attainment.
Outcomes include:
➢ Increased productivity
➢ Employee retention
➢ Increase in job satisfaction
➢ Decreased conflict amongst team members
➢ Stronger leadership patterns

Career Coaching

Professional Excellence is achieved through mastery in specific areas of development. It is not random and cannot be attributed to luck or accident. Career coaching offers support in this area by providing individualized services to professionals who want to move up in their career or simply wish to excel in their current role. “The Wheel of Excellence” model provides an outline for achievement that will ensure professional success-regardless of background or experience.

The four target areas include:
➢ Presentation
➢ Attitude
➢ Behavior
➢ Affiliation
Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speakers inspire others to create their own vision of Excellence! Human beings are social animals-we rely on others for guidance and new perspectives. When we receive information that is relevant to our experience we internalize it and adapt accordingly. As a Motivational Speaker, I aim to captivate audiences in a manner that will produce long term change. With a focus on excellence, speeches are tailored to the needs of the group and presented in a style that is powerful and high energy.

Topics include (but not limited to):
➢ Power of positive thinking
➢ Professional Excellence
➢ Leadership
➢ Self-Care
➢ Personal Branding
➢ Productivity
➢ Becoming a better Manager
➢ How to build a powerful team
Motivational Speaking services are available for all corporate events, staff meetings, and conferences.